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Swisslog Translogic Corporation

Swisslog provides reliable supply chain solutions for a variety of material transport needs. Our customers know us best by the support they receive and the reliability of their system. With the largest engineering and technical support team in the industry, we are able to deliver the best value possible.

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Study Those Celtrixa Online Reviews

Are you struggling due to your unpleasant stretch marks? Do you want to wear your sexy swimwear but those unsightly marks on your butt or stomach keep you from doing so? Read legit Celtrixa online reviews to help you know whether or not this product can help you find an effective solution to your problems with such unappealing marks.

Stretch marks are odd marks that appear on the skin, often on the abdomen, breasts and hips. This is due to a few reasons, including rupture of the skin tissue and excessive stretching. They may not be painful, but they can cause emotional grief due to their unsightly appearance. This is especially true among women.

Celtrixa cream reviewsProblems with stretch marks can be very concerning. Fortunately, there are now amazing products available in the market to help those struggling with this dilemma. One of the most popular products for stretch marks that is now making a name in the beauty and skincare industry is Celtrixa.

What is Celtrixa?

Created by Hydroxatone, a company known to manufacture quality beauty products, Celtrixa is an advanced lotion specially formulated to eliminate your problems about stretch marks. It does this by decreasing the damage, depth and coloration associated with such marks. It is a topical product that contains natural ingredients beneficial for the skin.

This effective lotion can help increase collagen production and re-strengthen the skin, thanks to Regu-Stretch. Although the lotion is formulated with a lot of different ingredients, Regu-Stretch is its primary active substance that can help improve the appearance of your skin. This stretch mark lotion can be used on the stomach, butt, breasts, stomach and other common areas where stretch marks occur.

Based on the product’s official website, the lotion works to treat both the old and new stretch marks. It can also be used to prevent new marks from developing on the body.

How to Use The Product?

Gently massage the lotion onto your affected skin until it completely absorbs the product. For best results, it is advisable to use the lotion two to three times every day.

What Do Customers Say About the Product?

There are customers who are pleased with the product and confirm its benefits in eliminating their stretch marks. Some revealed that it effectively reduced the depth and color of their these unsightly body marks.

However, just like any other lotions or skincare products in the market today, customers have varying opinions about it. In fact, not all customers are satisfied with this product. Some even find that it has minimal effects on the overall appearance of their stretch marks.

Should you Buy Celtrixa?

If you feel confident about this product to buy and use it, then buying one should not be a problem. It is an affordable lotion designed to reduce the appearance of stretch on your body. Read Celtrixa reviews online from reputable sites, and ensure that you are getting the right information you need. This can help you make an informed decision and get the right product that produces great results.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best PS4 Gaming Chair for 2018

The Ultimate Guide to the Best PS4 Gaming Chair for 2018

Console gaming involves not just choosing between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Choosing between these two is just the start of the hard choice you have to make. After that, you need to pick the games, headsets, controllers and all sorts of other things to have the best gaming experience.  One element you cannot overlook to achieve the best gaming experience is the chair.

Admit it, you can easily fall into the trap of playing games all night long despite the “just one more round” you promise yourself. After the all-nighter sessions, what can you get? What you get is a body crying out in rebellion for the stress you had endured. What can you do to never let yourself experience this pain again? All you need is to get yourself an awesome gaming chair.

What Kind of Console Gamer Are You?

Are you an Xbox One or PS4 gamer? If it is the latter, then you have come at the right place. There are different gaming chairs available on the market and to start looking, you need to know your platform first. For PlayStation 4, you got plenty of choices. There is a huge variety of chairs specifically designed to offer you comfort as you play your favorite PS4 games.

X Rocker 51396 Gaming ChairYou’ve got comfortable, supportive and thickly-cushioned game seat that keeps you from feeling fatigued after long hours of gaming. At the same time, these gaming chairs look quite awesome too, so that you feel not just comfortable, but also sophisticated as you sit on it. Find your choice of the best PS4 gaming chair 2018 on the list of the top choices below.

X Rocker 51396

The X Rocker 51396 is a bit large, but it is all because of its quality, heavy built. In addition to its durability, it features an ergonomic, stylish design that keeps you comfortable, pain-free and your body intact. Even when you spend all night playing your favorite games, the X Rocker 51386 keeps you competitive all the time.

X Rocker 5172801

If you like to be close to the ground when playing your PS4, the X Rocker 5172801 is the perfect gaming chair that offers you the most comfortable cushioning. An ergonomic seat available in stunning black and red stylish design, the seat has plenty of padding around the chair for a comfortable sitting. The best of all, is its sound system built into the chair itself.

X Rocker 0717901

If the PS4 gaming chair you are looking for is one that is comfortable and feature-rich, the X Rocker 0717901 is perfect for you. With amazing audio capabilities, extra controllers, storage space and all other PS4 accessories, this gaming chair is well built and extremely durable. There is nothing more you can ask for this game chair that offers extreme comfort.

These are the top three best PS4 gaming chairs this 2018. Each one offers extreme comfort with their ergonomic, stylish design. They are rich with outstanding features, all designed to elevate your PS4 gaming experience to the next level.

Get Your Answers From a Chiropractor

Among the most surprising group of patients chiropractic doctors reward is kids. Pediatric care represents about 10% of all chiropractic visits. This is because a worrying variety of children and infants experience musculoskeletal disorders that can be corrected or treated by a chiropractic doctor.

Answers From a ChiropractorAs lots of as 5% of all kids have actually gotten treatment from chiropractic specialists for problems associated with the method they were born. Birth injuries can produce neck, back and skeletal issues that might not have the ability to be dealt with right now. Many chiropractic doctors and other doctors will recommend that parents wait up until the child has developed more prior to they seek treatment for some less extreme musculoskeletal issues. If these problems can be repaired at a later date without causing irreversible damage, then it is advised that the parents wait to treat the kids instead of aiming to get them treatment right after birth.

Chiropractic care can make sure that children who suffered birth trauma or had poor posture in their early years can get the help they require. Chiropractors like those at chiropractor in Greenville SC have actually dealt with a variety of babies and children. They have actually helped their patients restore their natural posture and live regular lives.

Just like the majority of chiropractic visits, there will be a number of subsequent sees arranged after that initial speak with and treatment. Many chiropractic practitioners practice a kind of ongoing therapy with their clients that helps them slowly however undoubtedly fix their problems.

Chiropractors may treat children for more than just musculoskeletal problems. There is likewise a growing trend of treating kids who have actually ADHD with back control treatment (SMT). While no evidence clearly and definitively shows that SMT has the ability to successfully treat ADJHD, many chiropractors believe that it does help. Much of chiropractic care is in a state of flux and is subject to a great deal of backward and forward conversation and arguments. Not everyone in the industry thinks the exact same type of treatments will work which the same type of conditions can successfully be treated with chiropractic care, however, pediatric treatments are rather common with chiropractic specialists, and it may be worth it to the parents and kid to seek out a chiropractic specialist for certain conditions that medical doctors are unable to supply treatment for.

Novak Incoming Mail Sorter

Novak Incoming Mail Sorter

The Novak incoming mail sorter is the solution to mail center productivity problems by offering time-saving benefits. The system allows an operator to sort mail from a single compact feed station. Random mail is placed on a dump table next to the operator and handled only once during the entire sorting process. The operator drops the mail in the appropriate slot and the mail is then transported via conveyors to a series of waiting totes.

Selective Vertical Conveyor (SVC)

Selective Vertical Conveyor (SVC)

If you are visiting from the Architects Area, please note: An SVC architects page will soon contain specification information at a new link:

Swisslog’s Selective Vertical Conveyor System is an automated continuous chain conveyor. Designed for efficient and quiet distribution in multi-level buildings, the SVC moves pre-addressed totes vertically while maintaining payloads in a horizontal position. Totes automatically enter and exit the system shaft way. The SVC contains a self-monitoring system which alerts personnel of a potential problem before it occurs. SVCs are used to distribute mail, parcels, internal paperwork, office supplies and interoffice supplies. Computer control allows dispatch of totes between any two stations in the system.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

System Solutions for Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)


Swisslog’s AGV soluions consist of two types of vehicles, healthcare and commercial:

Swisslog has introduced a revolutionary automated guided vehicle (AGV) named the LTC2 that is ideally suited for the hospital environment. The LTC2 uses a virtual guide path, or internal electronic map of the hospital, that guides the vehicle to various points through the facility. The LTC2 AGV is ideally suited to transport routine or bulk items between centralized facilities such as kitchens, laundries, and patient floors. Items commonly transported include meals/soiled trays, clean/soiled linen; trash; supplies and surgical cases, and bulk pharmaceuticals. The AGV has a front and rear laser guidance and obstacle detection capability that ensures safety and flexibility. Its laser-guided detection system identifies any obstacles in its path and it is fully bi-directional for travel in either direction.


Transcar is a self-powered vehicle which travels along a passive guidepath connecting remote locations. Transcar LTC automatically lifts and transports four-wheel carts of varying configurations and loads. Transcars are used worldwide for automated bulk material transport in hospitals, mail and packages in offices, as well as materials and assemblies in manufacturing operations.

Commercial AGV Facts:

  • Passive guidance system with easy reconfiguration
  • Bi-directional transport
  • Automatic pick-up and delivery of carts
  • Lifting transport to minimize cross-contamination
  • Multiple traveling speeds, up to 200 feet per minute
  • Infrared communication between vehicles and PC system controller
  • Automatic vehicle interface with elevators, cart washers and firedoors
  • Variety of cart options and designs
  • Non-contact and contact obstacle detection
  • Quick charge batteries
Electric Track Vehicle

Electric Track Vehicle

  • Payloads up to 50 pounds at speeds up to 120 feet per minute.
  • On-demand delivery between 2 stations or between any two locations in a system containing hundreds of stations.
  • Microprocessor controls, supervises, monitors and records all traffic activities of a multi-station system.
  • Variable container configurations including self-leveling, auto-load/unload and utility.
  • A variety of standard containers are available as well as custom designs.
  • Independently powered vehicles travel vertically and horizontally along a network of aluminum track
  • Track modules are available in straight sections, curves and bends.
  • Transfer units are used for switching vehicles from one track to another.
  • As vehicles go through a building or processing area, they may pass through fire-rated walls where UL listed firedoors are installed.

View a typical system layout: 

Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS)

Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS)

Swisslog’s Translogic pneumatic tube systems offer the most effective method of rapidly moving materials in today’s fast-paced environments. The versatile PTS is available in systems beginning with as few as two stations on a single zone, expandable to a network containing hundreds of stations and dozens of zones. Our systems provide reliable air cushioned transport at speeds up to 25 feet per second and accomodate 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ diameter containers.

  • Fast delivery of materials over long distances
  • Economical means of automated transport
  • Gentle handling of materials transported
  • Random routing allows flexible manufacturing
  • Decreased cycle times improve productivity
  • Labor cost savings through reduction of manual transport
  • Quiet operation
  • Low operating costs
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Proven reliability

Typical System Applications include:

  • Transporting materials from centralized storage areas to production areas
  • Transporting samples from production areas to test laboratories
  • Transporting critical documents in a production environment
  • Transporting materials over long distances and between buildings
  • Transporting materials where timely delivery is critical