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System Solutions for Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)


Swisslog’s AGV soluions consist of two types of vehicles, healthcare and commercial:

Swisslog has introduced a revolutionary automated guided vehicle (AGV) named the LTC2 that is ideally suited for the hospital environment. The LTC2 uses a virtual guide path, or internal electronic map of the hospital, that guides the vehicle to various points through the facility. The LTC2 AGV is ideally suited to transport routine or bulk items between centralized facilities such as kitchens, laundries, and patient floors. Items commonly transported include meals/soiled trays, clean/soiled linen; trash; supplies and surgical cases, and bulk pharmaceuticals. The AGV has a front and rear laser guidance and obstacle detection capability that ensures safety and flexibility. Its laser-guided detection system identifies any obstacles in its path and it is fully bi-directional for travel in either direction.


Transcar is a self-powered vehicle which travels along a passive guidepath connecting remote locations. Transcar LTC automatically lifts and transports four-wheel carts of varying configurations and loads. Transcars are used worldwide for automated bulk material transport in hospitals, mail and packages in offices, as well as materials and assemblies in manufacturing operations.

Commercial AGV Facts:

  • Passive guidance system with easy reconfiguration
  • Bi-directional transport
  • Automatic pick-up and delivery of carts
  • Lifting transport to minimize cross-contamination
  • Multiple traveling speeds, up to 200 feet per minute
  • Infrared communication between vehicles and PC system controller
  • Automatic vehicle interface with elevators, cart washers and firedoors
  • Variety of cart options and designs
  • Non-contact and contact obstacle detection
  • Quick charge batteries